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Asset Monitoring By Android App of Substations & Transmission Lines

Asset Monitoring By Android App of Substations & Transmission Lines

We have developed a mobile application to monitor progress of site work. The progress of Routing patrolling of TL, Inspection of TL During Construction, Pre-takeover Inspection of TL, 24 x 7 Operation of Substation, Scheduled Maintenance of Substations, EPC of Substation/ TL etc. can be monitored. The app is pre-filled with questionnaire called Forms, relevant to the type of work at site. The answers to the questions are in the form of choice of Yes, No, N.A., a numeric, a photo and occasionally a small description. Thus, it becomes easy to use even for a less educated person.

The user in the field has to go on filling up questions in the Forms unfolding before him one after the other. The forms will open up only when the user is within pre-decided perimeter of each tower or substation. Also, the app does not let the user use pictures from mobile gallery. While the field staff is filling up the forms, at the monitoring end, one can access a portal which will present the information captured on field in a consolidated manner and also in Excel sheet.

The portal gives lat-long, time, date, name of tower / substation, the answers to each question including the photos. Each picture comes with a watermark, indicating tower coordinates, date & time and tower number.

This record is available for the past three months.

In this way, daily progress can be monitored on a day to day basis. The monitoring team sitting at HO of JBS can keep watch on progress and report abnormality if any.

Also, the access of the portal can be shared with client for him to watch the progress himself.

We are successfully using this App for our O&M activities substations & TLs and are monitoring on a daily basis the progress of work.